Do You Know Anything about Lenses of Sports Sunglasses
Do You Know Anything about Lenses of Sports Sunglasses

As an important equipment in cycling, cycling sunglasses, like helmets, have become a necessary item for more and more cycling lover. On a sunny day, reflecting sunlight off the road makes the glasses reflect more UV light. Windy weather, accidentally there will be foreign body dust blown into the glasses, not only hurt the eyes, but also easy to cause danger; Snow day, snow reflection may let the eyes suffer from "snow blindness".....

So, in either case, you need a pair of cycling sunglasses, which can greatly help to protect the eyes and reduce injuries, thus improving comfort and safety during cycling. Here we would like to introduce the related knowledge about the lenses of the glasses.

1. Lenses material

Cycling sunglasses are usually made of PC, means Polycarbonate, which is very light, has good impact resistance, high temperature resistance, is not easy to deformation.

And has good UV protection effect, need to be able to filter some of the stray light that is harmful to the eyes. Look at the quality of the lens can shake it in front of your eyes, if the object and the lens move together, it shows that the mirror is uneven, not a good lens.

PC piece is commonly known as bulletproof glass, impact resistance is several times that of ordinary resin lenses, cyclists fall down in cycling is inevitable, if the lens is broken because of external impact is a very dangerous thing. Generally speaking, resin lens has good elasticity and strength, light texture, wearing feeling very comfortable; Lenses are absolutely prohibited in the manufacture of cycling glasses.

2. Types of lenses

The lenses are roughly divided into: anti reflective protection lens, color lens, color lens, polarized lens and photochromic lenses.

Anti-reflective protective lenses: This kind of lens is coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride to prevent the reflection of strong light, so that you can see things more clearly and without interference from strong light. To check if your glasses really have anti-reflective lenses, point them at a light source. If you see purple and green reflections, the lenses are coated with anti-reflective protection.

Tinted lenses: these are made with chemicals added to give the lenses a colour that absorbs certain wavelengths of light. This is the most commonly used type of lens for sunglasses.

Coloured lenses: These produce the same effect as tinted lenses, but are made in a different way, by applying colour to the surface of the lens, most commonly known as "tinted lenses", where the colour is darkest at the top and then lightens down.Generally have a number of sunglasses with color processing lens.

Polarized lens: in order to filter the sun shines on the water surface, land or snow on the equal direction of the dazzling light, vertical to the special coating is added on the lens, called polarized lens. Best for outdoor sports such as sea sports, skiing or fishing.

Photochromic lenses: Because the chemical substance of silver halide is added to the lens, the original transparent and colorless lens will become colored lens in the event of strong light irradiation, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use at the same time

3. Type of coating:

General coating: it is the kind of like mercury coating on the sun lens, some shallow, some deep, depending on the degree of shading you need, if the sun is very deep to the kind of plating, the kind of deep and the car window on the kind of shading glass is the same.

SFM coating: ordinary mercury/rainbow/blue/gold mercury, high wear resistance, 6 layers of new materials, clearer than ordinary plating, shiny.

Lens appearance: keep the original color, especially light color and gradual color effect is clear, it is easy to see the original color of things, the lens is shiny, look very comfortable, unlike the general mercury is dim.Especially after the mercury plating, the original perspective rate remains unchanged or changes slightly 1-2%, reducing reflection and increasing comfort.If the fluoroscope of the mercury is of poor quality, there will be a noticeable decrease in glare, resulting in the wearer being able to see his eyes from behind the tablet.

AR coating: Used in myopic glasses or some high-quality glasses, it is a combination of multiple layers of extremely thin inorganic compounds, using advanced machines to simulate vacuum plating.Sunglasses are often plated on the back of the piece.It can improve the light perspective rate, clear and comfortable visual sense, reduce reflection, improve night vision, reduce fatigue, reduce computer radiation.

REVO mercury: Colored mercury.Sports glasses are commonly used.Blue REVO/ black red REVO/ green REVO/ orange REVO/ it is plated with 8-12 layers of extremely thin mercury, so it is relatively expensive. It has excellent solar radiation resistance, colorful colors that can match the color of glasses, and waterproof effect. It adds water agent during electroplating to make the lens surface smooth, waterproof means that water droplets can quickly dissolve on the piece.It doesn't stay on the film.

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