Do You Know How To Clean and Maintain Ski Goggles
Do You Know How To Clean and Maintain Ski Goggles

Prologue: In order to protect the skier’s eyes from the glare of the snow damage, ski goggles are indispensable ski equipment without a doubt. But the more frequently you wear the ski goggles, the dust in the air easy to becomes fuzzy, it can affect your vision while skiing. So it's very important to the daily cleaning and maintenance of ski goggles, today we would like to introduce: how to clean and maintain ski goggles.

When ski goggles are worn for a long time, the lenses can become covered in dust and grease, which can accumulate in every corner of the goggles, including the gap between the frame and the lens, the solder pad around the nose, and the frame fold. The accumulation of a long time will affect our use, the lens will become blurred. Next, we will introduce how to maintain and clean the ski goggles for you in detail.


Firstly, three cleaning methods of ski goggles will be introduced here:

  1. Rinse

Ski lenses printed on the fingerprint or accidentally get on the food oil stain spot, for adhering to the surface of the coating layer of oil, fingerprint stains, we need to use special goggles cleaner. Do not use detergent, detergent is used for tableware and other non-delicate items of washing, which contains some chemical components, coating layer has strong corrosion, which will damage the coating of the lens. Therefore, it is better to clean the lenses with clean water or special goggles cleaning liquid.


  1. Scrub

The lenses are scrubbed clean and then washed away with a calm stream of water. But way? there are drops of water? Hold the goggles upright, allow water to flow evenly over the sides of the lenses, slowly move the lenses so that they are "scanned" almost parallel to the water column. With this technique, there is generally no residual water droplets or any fingerprints on the lens. So there is no secondary contamination of the lens during drying, and only the remaining water droplets can be wiped near the frame after cleaning. it takes about 20-30 seconds.


  1. Soft cloth and soft bag

A soft cloth or soft bag can be used for cleaning the goggles, but please remember that do not wipe back and forth on the lens, do not turn in a circle on the lens. You should wipe along the same direction. Moreover, you can’t just rub it on your clothes. These incorrect methods are more likely to wear out the lens.


Secondly, we would like to explain to you about the maintenance of ski glasses knowledge.

  1. Collect ski goggles carefully. Make a habit of the way you place your goggles, wrap lens with flannelette first, next collect left temple, then collect right temple. In case the goggles get crushed, you can place goggles in the hard cardboard box or EVA box.


  1. Ski goggles are delicate pieces of equipment, if you want to use more than a few years, be sure to use them and maintain them well. Try not to touch the lens with your hands, but also pay attention to not allow sharp objects to scratch the lens (pay attention not to put together with mobile phones, keys, etc., so as not to scratch the lens), always keep the lens clean without stains.


Thirdly, the anti-fogging function of protective goggles is crucial

the anti-fogging of the snow goggles is generally achieved through the anti-fogging film layer. If it takes too long to use, the film layer will be affected by the air, and the anti-fogging performance will be reduced. In general, the use time of the snow goggles is about two years. Wrap it up when you're not using it.


All above is about the cleaning and maintenance knowledge of ski goggles, we hope that ski goggles users can seriously maintain and clean their ski goggles so that they can better participate in skiing sports services for everyone.







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