How many mistakes you fall into when you use cycling sunglasses?
How many mistakes you fall into when you use cycling sunglasses?

Cycling sunglasses can protect our eyes effectively, and look handsome.

However, when we use cycling sunglasses, we often fall into some mistakes. Today, we will take a look at some common mistakes in cycling sunglasses.

1. Use sunglasses as cycling sunglasses ?

Sunglasses look similar to cycling sunglasses. In fact, this view is extremely wrong, the appearance is very similar, but the lens is completely different.

There are also many differences between the two in appearance design, which has an impact on the actual use effect. For example, the windproof effect of cycling glasses is much better than sunglasses.

2. The darker the lens, the better ?

Dark lenses can weaken the sun's rays, but harmful ultraviolet rays still pass through the lenses.

So, the darker the lens, the better, is not reliable, and even harmful.

3. The sun is not strong, you do not need to wear cycling glasses ?

The sunlight is not strong does not mean that it will not cause damage to the eyes, and cycling sunglasses can also prevent wind, sand and insects, so just to wear it when cycling.

4. Shortsightedness can not wear cycling sunglasses ?

Cycling with nearsighted can be inconvenient, but that doesn't mean you can't wear cycling sunglasses.

Many cycling sunglasses come with a myopic frame that solves this problem, but is less comfortable.

In addition, a lot of nearsighted friends like to wear contact lenses, and then wear cycling sunglasses, it seems that you are not so comfortable to wear contact lenses for cycling.

5. Wear very cheap cycling sunglasses ?

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. This sentence is reasonable, the cheap cycling sunglasses won’t have polarizing effect, maybe go out for a ride and the wind blows and it falls apart. Buy cycling sunglasses must choose a regular and professional brand, not cheap.

6.Misplace cycling sunglasses when not wearing

Many friends like to throw away their cycling sunglasses after riding, or even put them together with their cycling clothes and helmets.

When cycling sunglasses are not worn, it is best to put them in the glasses case, wrapped with glasses cloth, and keep away from corrosive objects as far as possible.

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