How To Change Lenses for Cycling Sunglasses
How To Change Lenses for Cycling Sunglasses

Many friends love outdoor cycling, cycling sunglasses is very important for protecting our eyes from the wind and sand, also could anti UV. If a pair of cycling sunglasses is equipped with a variety of lenses, you can choose to replace the lenses according to the different light or weather.

There are a lot of cycling sunglasses are removable, can change the lenses. How to replace the lenses of the cycling sunglasses? Please kindly referred to the experience of changing lenses as follows.

1. If it is such cycling sunglasses as shown in the picture above, the lenses are fixed on the frame mainly through three fixing slots at both ends and in the middle of the lens and fixed by the bottom frame.

2. When you need to replace the lens, disassemble the bottom frame from both sides of frame.

3. Disassemble the bottom frame from the nose pad

4. Disassemble the lenses from the small hook holder in the middle of the frame

5. Then pull one end of the cycling lenses out of the slot gently, and then pull the other end out as well.

6. So that the whole lens is completely removed.

7. On the other hand, when you need to install another lenses, assemble lenses to one side frame slot.

8. Then assemble lenses into other side of the frame slot.

9. And stick the lenses into the little hook holder in the middle of the frame. Only when the two ends of the lenses are also stuck into the slots, the lenses will be stable on the frame.

10. Assemble the bottom frame into the lenses, and stuck into the both sides of the frame slots.

11. In this way, the three points of one lens are completely stuck into the three fixed slots, and the bottom frame stuck into the frame slots firstly, so that the cycling sunglasses lens is replaced and can be safe for cycling.

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