How to choose sports glasses when running in winter?
How to choose sports glasses when running in winter?

Except to do the necessary warm-up running in winter, the corresponding running equipments need to be prepared, for example, the sports glasses.

The damage to the eyeballs may be even greater in winter because of the stronger penetration of UV rays. If there is snow surface or water, it will produce light reflection, strong light stimulation caused by temporary unclear vision.

Irregularly refracted light can lead to more serious Retinal injuries, even during sports.

Therefore, the most important thing in winter sports is to prevent ultraviolet rays.

Anti ultraviolet ray mainly depends on lens, there are the main kinds of lenses on the market, including: ordinary dyeing lens, polarizing lens, photochromic lens.

Then let's briefly popularize these several protection products.

Dyeing piece

Chemicals are added to the process of making the lenses to give them color and absorb ultraviolet light.

For example, the colors which have good uv absorption effect is gray, tan and dark green . Later there were pink, purple, blue, orange and so on.

Then according to user requirements, such as the effect of lens transmission, choose different shades of dyeing effect.

The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for height number myopia.

Polarized lens

It is to add a coating in a specific direction on the surface of the lens, which can ensure that the light in the vertical direction can enter, and resist the refracted light in other directions (you can refer to the shutter), to achieve the protective effect of the lens.

Often seen in driving, fishing, skiing, etc.

Disadvantage is not suitable for height number myopia, and the color is single.

Photochromic lens

Change color piece is to add special material in lens, produce chemical reaction below the circumstance that encounters light, let lens darken quickly, in order to achieve the effect that block and absorb ultraviolet ray.

The interior can be turned back into a transparent state. The downside of this lens is the gradual process of 20-50 seconds


If it is a low degree myopia of runner, it is recommended to use sports mirror + stained lenses, or polarized lenses.

Because stained lenses and polarized lenses are suitable for a slightly larger motion frame, which is more beautiful, if the degree is high, then the edge thickness is not easy to control.

Height number myopia runners can use their own daily glasses plus photochromic lenses. As opposed to the two lenses above, photochromic lenses are suitable for smaller ordinary optical glasses, but they need to be have anti-slip.

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