How to choose the right cycling glasses?
How to choose the right cycling glasses?

When professional bikes, cycling clothes, helmets and cycling glasses come together, it's a beautiful sight. It is not only cool, but also plays an indispensable role in the cycling process, so it is important to choose the right cycling glasses.


Most cycling takes place on roads, which reflect the sun better during the day than dirt or grass. Cyclists have more time to look straight at the road than the ordinary cyclist because of their different riding posture and habits.Without glasses, cyclists' eyes receive too much uv light, which can cause cataracts.


Many cyclists have experienced watery eyes and foreign objects in their eyes, and cycling glasses are a great way to protect your eyes from these injuries. Cycling glasses are better than sunglasses at keeping the wind out of your eyes. Don't underestimate this, they can greatly reduce your chances of getting conjunctivitis. Wearing with well-design cycling glasses, the eyes won’t feel the uncomfortable wind, and ventilation when cycling.

The lenses of cycling glasses shall not be made of glass, because inevitably have crashed in cycling, glass lenses can make your glasses injured. While the use of resin (PC) lens impact strength of the hardness is very high, and is widely used in spacecraft in space, thus can protect your eyes won't hurt to the greatest extent.


TR90 is the best material for the frame of cycling glasses. Different from ordinary plastic frame, it has the characteristics of super memory, flexibility and unbreakability. Even when falling, it is not easy to cause damage due to fracture and breakage. In addition, there are higher level materials such as: aluminum magnesium alloy, carbon fiber and other advanced frame materials, in some high-grade brands also began to be developed and applied.


Strictly speaking, generally in line with the following elements is really suitable for cycling glasses: 1, uv function:UV400 2, portable, human engineering design 3, lens material requirements (whether PC lens) 4, eliminate the effect of light (PL technology) 5, lens air permeability 6, safety (the minimum requirements are consistent with 0.5 pound steel ball dropped one meter height hit the lens can not produce breakage).

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