Why do Cycling Glasses need Air Ventilation Holes?
Why do Cycling Glasses need Air Ventilation Holes?

Body heat can easily vaporize a normal pair of cycling glasses when riding. Sweat will make ordinary riding glasses slide or even fall off, bringing a lot of inconvenience to riding.

But SUNOK cycling glasses' rubber non-slip nose pads ensure that your glasses stay firmly on your face, even during more strenuous activities.

Recently, more and more high-end cycling glasses have vents between the lens and frame to make them cool and comfortable, and not aerosolized!

[Power ventilation system]

Most professional cycling glasses adopt innovative power ventilation system to ensure unmatched heat dissipation. Air Ventilation Holes are scientifically distributed on the tip end, front frame and above the lens. Enhanced air circulation while ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency without compromising sight lines

[Each hole is the exit of the wind]

Air permeability is not good in hot summer with ordinary cycling glasses, easy to sweating, but also very heavy, it is a bad experience with wearing this kind of cycling glasses.

SUNOK sports glasses have more air holes than ordinary sports glasses, and the fast-moving air carries moisture away from the frame, preventing fogging. It ensures air circulation around the eyes, removes sweat and prevents it from falling into the eyes or dripping on the lenses. Enhanced ventilation is also essential to cool the user's eyes during intense exercise.

Moreover, many air holes on the upper and lower frame are directly exposed in the frame, which is very beautiful from the outside of the frame.

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