Why you need to wear ski goggles when skiing?
 Why you need to wear ski goggles when skiing?

Q1: Why do you need to wear ski goggles when skiing?

It is necessary to wear ski goggles when skiing, the function of wearing ski goggles as below:

  1. Prevent snow blindness.
  2. prevent the eye stimulation of strong wind.

3. Increase the clarity of your vision

4. prevent foreign matter damage to the eye.

Special goggles also have special uses, such as UV protection, anti-fog, and so on.

Q2: What is the effect of wearing ski goggles when skiing?

In order to prevent the reflection of strong light in the snow, as well as the damage to the eyes of the cold wind in sliding. Ski glasses include sunglasses, goggles, myopic goggles, etc. For the nearsighted skier, it is suggested to choose the ski goggles designed specifically for the myopic crowd.

A very important function of ski goggles is to reduce the glare from the snow, prevent vertigo from causing danger.

Q3: What brand do ski goggles have:

SUNOK Ski goggles, the company which is located in Huadu District,Guangzhou City, is professionally engaged in product development, manufacturing, and sales of ski Goggles sports sunglasses Motocross Goggles Swimming Goggles safety Glasses.

The company occupies an area of 21000 square meters and has more than 200 inventory employees. With an annual output value of more than 100 million, Our products are popular in the domestic and foreign market and the market covers Europe America Middle East and Asia.

Q4 Can I wear the ski goggles with myopic glasses directly?

You must wear ski goggles when skiing, because the snow on the sun reflection is very strong, coupled with the cold wind on the eyes of the stimulation is very big, so need to have a pair of glasses to protect the eyes. Ski goggles should have the following functions:

First, to prevent the cold wind blowing floating eyes;

Second, to prevent ultraviolet burns to the eyes;

Third, the mirror can not fog;

Fourth, glasses should not cause damage to the face after a fall.


The outer frame is made of soft plastic and fits snugly to the face, preventing wind from entering. The mirror surface is made of colored material coated with anti-fog and anti - UV coating. The material is soft and distorts rather than breaks, ensuring that the mirror doesn't cause damage to the face when hit.


In addition, the upper eaves of the outer frame are made of a breathable sponge, so that the hot air discharged from the facial skin can be dispersed to the outside of the mirror, ensuring that the mirror has a good visual effect. Wearing glasses skiers in the selection of ski goggles should choose thicker frame ski goggles, in order to be able to cover all nearsighted glasses.


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